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With your help, LMSdr was
able to make a
$110,000 grant
to Dr. van de Rijn’s Circulating
DNA research at Stanford.

Please help us make an even
bigger grant this year. Click HERE.
Buy DVD’s from the
2014 LMS Retreat

LMSarcoma Direct Research Foundation (LMSdr)
was created to bridge the gap between Leiomyosarcoma
researchers and Leiomyosarcoma patients.

This Foundation will ...
    advocate for more research
    advocate for appropriate clinical trials
    support research by direct funding
    support research by publicizing clinical trials
    provide information and support for patients
    ... and be a voice for the LMS community

We are working for the cure....

Welcome! LMSdr advocates on behalf of the LMS community. We urge you to do following to help yourself and others with LMS:

1.   Participate in our paraffin tissue block research and banking
     Send us your consent and we will do all the rest! EASY!!!

2.   Subscribe to our LMSeAlerts newsletter for current news.

3.   Join our Face Book Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/lmsdr/

4.   Get a 2nd opinion at a major sarcoma center.

5.   If you had a hysterectomy with laparoscopic morcellation,
     contact Sarah : sarahssr@gmail.com

6.   Join the ACOR online discussion group for LMS.

7.   Register with the LMS/sarcoma patient registry by SFA.

8.   Donate or hold a fundraiser to benefit LMSdr. We are a non-profit
     tax-deductible charity. All of our fundraiser proceeds go to LMS
     research grants. View our past grants.

Working not Wishing,

Sharon Anderson MSW, ACSW
Executive Director, LMSarcoma Direct Research Foundation
ULMS, stage IV, 12 yr. Thriver

Research News Events
2013 LMSdr Grant $100,000 awarded to Dr. Matt van de Rijn

Working Together
$150,000 Collaborative Grant with LMSdr and the Liddy Shriver Initiative.
ESUN September 2013

Dr. Matt van de Rijn’s LMS Research Publications, Discoveries, and Videos

Dispatches from My Village
Susan Coleman discusses our struggle in 'fairy tale' terms to explain the REAL research of Dr. Matt van de Rijn.

7/11/2014 Update
on the campaign to STOP Uterine Morcellation.

Amazon Smiles,
Add LMSdr to your Amazon Smiles account and LMSdr will receive a donation for each purchase you make at Amazon.

Subscribe to LMSeAlerts,
a monthly newsletter for families and professionals.

Join our FACE BOOK group!

BUY T-shirts and Water Bottles!

Donate Your Tissue Samples to the LMS Paraffin Block Bank

Tissue Bank
LMSdr Executive Director discusses Tissue bank history and the importance of donating.
“Cancer Commons”
watch the video . . .

April 24 & 25th: 2014 World Orphan Drug Conference,
Washington, D.C.
This is an excellent networking event for advocates of rare diseases and pharmaceutical researchers. LMSdr will be represented by Sharon Anderson, Executive Director and Sarah Robinson, Scientific Advisory Board Member.

April 24th: "Lady Bugs" LMS Support Group Meeting
Washington, D.C.
Location TBA. Contact Daryl darylbrown1858@verizon.net

January 27 & 28th: 2014 Personalized Medicine World Conference,
Silicon Valley, California
LMSdr’s Sharon Anderson, Executive Director and Sarah Robinson, Scientific Advisory Board Member will be learning how patients can access their own biomarker testing for a tailored individual treatment plan.

2013 LMS Retreat
Sept. 19-21 : Photos, DVD and Memories!

CTOS Conference in NY
Oct. 10th - Nov. 2nd

~ Fundraisers ~

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